Zenit Hotel Salento Lecce 3 star hotel

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Last Minute Offer - Zenit Hotel Salento

Book your holiday Last Minute Zenit Hotel Salento

Zenit Hotel is a comfortable 3 star hotel in Lecce, give yourself a last minute holiday in Puglia with the discounted rate "Convenience" Save up to 20% on our best rate!


How does the promotion last minute "convenience" work?

CONVENIENCE booking the offer will receive a discount of 20% on our best rate without restrictions for the same arrival date.


Rate available until the arrival date.
The rate at CONVENIENCE reservations to be prepaid the entire stay, and are charged to the credit card provided at time of booking.
Supply CONVENIENCE no changes can be made or canceled and is no reimbursement, full or partial.
Check availability in the form on the side or contact us.


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