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Lecce is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, to the point that it deserves the name "Florence of the South". It rises in Salento's heart and it charms with its baroque monuments and splendid atmosphere.


Baroque of Lecce

It was during 1400, when it became the most lively Mediterranean cultural centre, that it gave life to a personal architectural style, known as Lecce's baroque. Lecce's baroque has its own connotation which differentiates it from the same style expressed in other Italian regions: its peculiarities are the use of Leccese limestone (also called 'poor marble') and the commitment of decorations to mask the structures they're applied to.
Lecce is distinguished by baroque style, which is easily detectable in all the city's monumental constructions. The architectural heritage is huge; visiting it means immersing yourself in an outdoor museum made of palaces, churches and fortifications.



Where to visit in Lecce

Among the many churches in the city, we recommend Santa Croce Basilica, completed in 1699 and considered the most characteristic manifestation of Lecce's baroque. The central aisle is covered by a wooden ceiling reconstructed in 1800. On the left, San Francesco da Paola chapel with its altar, characterised by the Saint's stories modelled and carved by Francesco Zimbalo in 1614. The adjoining Convent of Celestini, with its marvellous cloister, is currently the head office of Lecce's Provincial Administration.

In the old part of the city rises the Cathedral Dome, which faces the very central and evocative namesake square. The Cathedral Dome in Lecce has a very sober main facade and a fake side facade located frontally on the square. Inside the Cathedral Dome, in the apse of the high altar, you can admire the great canvases by Oronzo Tiso. Piazza del Duomo is made evocative not only by the Cathedral Dome and bell tower, but also by the Palazzo Vescovile and Palazzo del Seminario.

You shouldn't miss the view at Carlo V Castle; re-built on the original blueprint by Gian Giacomo dell'Acaya. The castle has a trapezoidal plan with four bastions. The oldest part of it is constituted by the quadrangular keep from the Angevin time, used as a chapel, inside which there's a baroque altar. The other chapel in the castle is dedicated to Saint Barbara.

Of Lecce's Roman Amphitheatre; you can see the cavea, the flooring of the orchestra and the stage. Recently some bas-reliefs and some columns were restored, which can be admired inside the tunnels excavated in the amphitheatre, at a depth of around 7 metres.

Other historical/artistic monuments to visit in Lecce are the Church of San Giovanni di Dio, Theatre Paisiello, the ex Convent of Olivetani and Porta Napoli, also known as the Arch of Triumph, which constituted the most prestigious access to the city of Lecce.


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